Why on earth (why the hell would have sounded too rude!) did I create Trash Cash?

Every Time I check my Ethereum wallet or check it on Eitherscan/Ethplorer, I have to scroll through a lot of Tokens which is irritating for the fact that either they have no value or just something beyond the decimal is left which will come to no use except stand in the way to check the tokens I am really looking for.

I would wonder if there was a dumping address for these useless tokens, but then it came in my mind, what if all these fractions and valueless tokens are accumulated in one address and maybe someone would need them.

And hence I created Trash Cash which can be a medium to sell off the numerous shits and filths in the wallet and converted to one Token which has value!

Trash cash is the ultimate cryptocurrency to exchange all the garbage dumped in your wallet into a single token which can be traded in exchanges. Instead of having hundreds of them and have the headache of managing them individually, now you can keep all the trash in one place!

In a nutshell Trash Cash is a decentralised peer to peer cryptocurrency to buy and sell wallet trash! It works on the principle of Someone’s garbage is someone’s treasure (now don’t ask me who said this, as I don’t know either!)

Its developed to keep all the wallet trash, filth, shit, garbage, etc. etc. (you can add up some more in your mind) in one place and when you have enough, you can trade Trash Cash at exchanges when you have enough of them or need some cash instantly!